8 Tips To Increase Your Sites Conversion Rate

There are normally some minor tweaks and changes you can make to your website in order to see an increase in the conversion rate.

The quick wins, or low hanging fruits, which can help you make the most of all that traffic you have worked hard to gain. Take a look through the list and try to apply as many of these as possible to your own strategy.


1. A/B Test Everything

You should be testing almost everything on your site. It should be an ever evolving and changing beast, adapting to what your visitors trust and engage with. At any given time, you should be running at least 1 A/B test on your site. This means it is worth planning a few in advance, then scheduling in when you are going to run them, so they don?t overlap at all. Some things you could test include the text used in the CTA, as well as the actual style, size and colour of the buttons themselves. How about testing different headlines on the page, or adding more rich media to the page, such as a video or different imagery. You could even change the entire layout of the site battle the two against each other in a split test.

2. Analyse Your Competitors Strategy

So many businesses are self-focused. They might feel they are forward thinking as they are testing on their site, however a quick look at what their competitors are doing could actually unveil some hidden gems. If they are a bigger firm, they might have already done the research for you and have found the answer to the question you keep asking. On the other side, you might spot a weakness they have which you can play off, to intice you customers. For example, if they have a very high delivery charge or don?t allow deliveries on the weekend, you could experiment with these appearing on the page as a USP if you offer free deliveries or weekend delivery.

3. How Much Web Copy

There is no rule written in stone over how much content people want to see, how they want it to appear on the page and in what media they want it delivered. This will be different for each industry and for each individual query, as well as each individual person. You therefore should try different styles. If you have a large amount of content, you could try breaking this up into tabs, so they can click straight to the item of content they are interested in. On the other side, if people are looking over the content and then leaving the site, you might not be offering them all the details they require (such as reviews, how-to information or general product details).

4. Forget Opinions, Focus On Data

Whether it?s your thoughts, the owner of the business or someone in the marketing team, you will hear assumptions from everywhere. The fact is, everyone thinks they are an expert, but this doesn?t make it true. You should never rest on a belief. Find out whether the data backs their thought-track. At the end of the day, the businesses finances rest on this data.

5. Focus On The Big Picture

I?ve seen people celebrate a higher CTR or a greater length of time on the page, however none of this means anything if they don?t convert. It is important to always see the bigger picture. They could simply be clicking through as they are trying to find more information. The completion of a conversion or goal should be the ultimate goal of these tests. While on this subject, it is worth mentioning that too many businesses get nervous when their bounce rate goes up, but you shouldn?t worry if your sales seem to be increasing.

6. Minimum 7 Days

I run most tests for about 4 weeks, however it is all dependent on the traffic the page will be receiving, until it will have enough data to make a real judgement call on. Some people make assumptions after just 2 days, to then see the results completely change by the end of the week. What happens on a Saturday could be very much different to what happens on a Wednesday. Always give a minimum of a week.

7. Different Colours Mean Different Emotions

There are so many test results showing how one colour will work better in increasing sales, so should be used for add-to-basket buttons, while other colours might be ideal for building trust, such as through highlighting USPs. If you have a sale, maybe try a red colour, while orange is a much better colour if you generally want to sell something. Even age can play a role, with younger members said to respond better to yellow than older generations.

8. Adapt Your Writing Style

You need to re-read over they key content sections and work out where you can improve it. Are you using the key terms which people want to hear? Do you say ?we? or do you say ?you?? Are you talking about what they will miss out on or are you highlighting the amazing benefits of the product or service you are offering? Are you bolding or underlining key terms (but not to the point where it looks spammy)? Are you asking the audience a question within the content?


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Our SEO experts will drive local traffic to your website and increase search engine rankings.

Our SEO experts will drive local traffic to your website and increase search engine rankings.

Our SEO experts will drive local traffic to your website and increase search engine rankings.

Our SEO experts will drive local traffic to your website and increase search engine rankings.

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