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Robert Neckelius

Why Robert came to Finetune

After building a successful video animation agency, Robert was looking to start a second business teaching people how to build an automated online business. He was looking at SEO to build more brand awareness and position himself as an authority within his space.

He understood the value of SEO and the benefit it could have in generating him business over the long term, but he didn’t have the necessary knowledge or

know where to start when it came to creating and executing an effective SEO strategy to drive more visitors to his website.

After listening to a speech by Finetune’s Managing Director Charles Travers and then subsequently inviting him to speak at his own event in Krakow, Robert knew Charles and the Finetune team was the right agency to choose to help craft the perfect SEO plan.

What Finetune did for Robert

We worked closely with Robert in a consultancy role to map out an exact step by step SEO strategy which we knew would get him great results.

Our aim was to help him create a strong SEO content strategy that would not only positioned him as an authority leader but would help him rank on the first page of Google for various keywords & topics related to his niche – “creating an online business”.

We provided him would a proven SEO framework which him and his team could execute on, to guarantee he achieved the best results in the quickest time period.

… and now for the results.

Based on the SEO strategy we provided Robert and his team, went from just 4 organic clicks a month, to 1,100 a month.

This is a whopping 27,400% increase in organic traffic!

have a look at what our clients have to say

Charles and the Finetune gang helped me get my blog from a few hundred visits a month to 5000. Traffic is cool, but what about monetization? Well they helped us get an affiliate article for a very well known company rank tremendously well and it is still paying off month after month. SEO results don't come overnight, but if you're going to do it look no further!

Robert Neckelius
Founder at Robert Neckelius

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